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Shimano Twin Power C3000

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Shimano Twin Power C3000

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Manufacturer info SHIMANO
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Gear Ratio 5.2 Practical Drag Force Maximum Drag Force (N) / (kg) 34.3 / 3.588.2 / 9.0 Dead Weight (g) 250 Spool Size (diameter mm / stroke mm) 46.5 / 14.5 Nylon thread winding (lb-m) Fluoro yarn winding amount (lb-m) PE yarn winding amount (No.-m) Nylon (No.-m) 2.5-180, 3-150, 4-100 Fluoro (No.-m) 2.5-160, 3- 130, 4-1001-400, 1.5-270, 2-180 Maximum winding length (cm / one handle rotation) 76 Handle length (mm) 50 number of bearings S A-RB / roller 9/1 Highly durable design HAGANE mounted. A robust reel that supports the seriousness of anglers. Since raising its voice as Titanos Twin Power in 1988, Twin Power has accumulated 26 years of history. This model, which was born as a 10th generation on the back of history and pride, further refined the principles of quality, strength and integrity. Equipped with highly durable design HAGANE. By reviewing the strength of the gear, the support mechanism, and the rigidity of the body, the pleasant feeling just opened the box became longer. In addition, the low gear PG model is darely selected for the 4000th. There is also a reluctance that does not comply with the times. Please realize the power of such an earnest that you can not afford to copy while inheriting the stellar lineage. The heart of HAGANE gear himano of gear' using cutting-edge technology HAGANE gear is more durable than ever, with a lasting feeling of feeling just opened the box. Also, no cutting process is performed on the drive gear tooth surface. All tooth surfaces are precisely designed by three-dimensional design technology, and all the teeth are formed by the cold forging technology which Shimano cultivated from the tip to the root. This is Shimano passion for durability. The gear that generates the power of HAGANE continues to be the concept that forms the basis of Shimano Reel. HAGANE body HAGANE body is a metal body with high rigidity. Stiffness to withstand unexpected shocks Ensures impact resistance and converts it into a force that rolls up the power of the angler by minimizing deflection. A gear system that efficiently transmits X-SHIP input power and enables more powerful winding. Achieving light reeling by increasing gear size, reviewing the optimal arrangement, and improving tooth surface accuracy and support performance. G-free body spinning reels have built-in parts called worm shafts that receive rotational drive gear movement and convert it into spool longitudinal movement. Although conventionally used to be at the bottom of the body, NEW Stella has placed the worm shaft on the drive gear closer to the rod. As the center of gravity of the reel rises, the weight of the sensible reel is reduced by approaching the hand, the sense of unity with the rod increases, and above all, the sense of unity with the angler increases. Core Protect A water repellent treatment (polka dot effect) that repels water is formed at each part to block entry of water and foreign matter into the body while maintaining rotational response and lightness. The mounting point is 3 places of the stopper bearing, the body and the line roller which are arranged between the rotor and the body. The non-contact seal is light in rotation and does not wear, and performance is maintained for a long time. By flattening the mating surface of the body, adding a water repellent treatment and eliminating the stopper lever, the infiltration of water from the front of the body as well as the side and back is suppressed, and the initial performance of rotation is maintained for a long time. AR-C Light Spool A spool that has been lightened with Shimano original processing technology in order to balance the two goals of without trouble and increase flight distance. The line rectification effect due to the special shape of the spool ring ensures the best line emission. New carbon material that evolved CI4+ lightweight carbon material CI4. The lightness is still the same, the rigidity and durability have been greatly improved, and the body and rotor have been further reduced in size and weight. By rigidly supporting the spool support by the rigid support drag main shaft, the spool play and the flap during drag operation are suppressed, and stable delivery of the line is possible even under high load. SA-RB A-RB is the industry first surface modification to form a passive layer and realize a rust-resistant bearing. Furthermore, it is SA-RB that sealed the side with the antirust material and reduced the salt seam by the salt recrystallization inside the bearing significantly. SR-One-piece bale Integrally molded ultra-fine shape bale injected with cold forging technology and realized extremely hard and scratch resistant strength. We overcome the troubles such as the line being caught by the structure without the step. Aero Wrap (Worm Shaft) System The uniform and orderly rolling-up that can only be obtained with the worm shaft method suppresses energy loss when the line is released, contributing to increased flight distance. Brings a pleasant cast feel. Seawater OK Rust-resistant Shimano original high-performance bearings, SA-RB, A-RB, and exterior protection treatment ensure safe use even in sea fishing. We recommend cleaning with a shower after use to ensure long and comfortable use. ※ CI4+: Rotor material of 1000PGS, C2000S, C2000HGS HAGANE special site Yumeya custom parts guide View Yumeya installation list of this product View the specification list of this product Twin which has pursued the original philosophy while inheriting the genealogy of Stella power. The aim is a bone-hard tool to transfer the seriousness of the angler 100%. It was made possible by the solid power of the boneless and toughness of the honesty. There is no need to modify this reel for the strength of the body. I want you to overthrow the wild soul of NEW Twin Power with serious power. KEN IYOBE Takeshi Ibebe A sense of security that all parts have been clicked. The first thing I felt using the NEW Twin Power is Stability. While the pursuit of lightness is in the mainstream, this reel has a sense of weight that fits perfectly, and there is a sense of security in which all parts are fixed. As a result, you can control your own movement when putting action on the lure, and you can perform stable rod work. In addition, I ask for certainty of drag performance and the smoothness of the steering wheel on the spinning reel, but it goes without saying that the twin power has a smooth feeling of Shimano tradition and it is difficult to find negative elements in operation it dark. NORIO FUEKI Tochigi Nobuo The sense of weightlessness and durability are excellent. Usually, C2000-4000 is used properly according to the conditions such as the size of Egi to use in Egging. I tried using C3000HG this time, but it is a very tough word. The NEW Twin Power has been strong enough for the previous models, but there is a feeling that the rigidity has further increased, including the strength of the housing. In addition, by having the center of gravity closer to the hand with the G free body, it is also great that the feeling of weight has been lost. Egging has a high frequency of casting and shaking compared to other fishings, and the burden on internal parts is large, so it is important not to have high durability and heavy weight. A high cost performance reel that includes high drag performance and high waterproofness. JINSEI SHIMADA Hitoshi Shibata A reel that meets usability within the practical range. There are three elements that I seek for reels: stiffness, line emission angle and drag performance. The rigidity of the body and gear is what is essential to my style of pulling fish with a strong tackle, the line discharge angle is a spool shape that can easily provide flying distance on the premise of use of the PE line, and the drag is also PE The smooth operation based on the line is, of course, but I will check the drag pitch above all to prioritize fine adjustment in the practical range over the width of the adjustment range. Judging from this point of view comprehensively, this TP is almost perfect. I feel that it is a reel that can be used for a long time, including the toughness that can endure the hard style. TETSUYA HENMI Tetsuya Henmi I enjoy pleasant fishing with PG type. My fishing is mainly based on sea bass games with weighting. I use a lot of slow patterns mainly using the pen and the like. Such PG style is easier to use than HG type in my style, so I am glad that the new twin power 4000PG is lineup. The PG type can perform slow retrieve comfortably and continuously, and can pull up with only the force of the reel without pumping even after the sea bass hits. Of course, even when using a pull-resistant lure like vibration, the winding power and the height of rigidity come to life. HIDEYUKI MATSUOKA Goto Matsuoka A powerful, accurate reel. I was surprised. It has already come to a place that can be used in a sense similar to Stella. In the test, I played a sea bass game in various places using 4000XG, but I will not lose anything to the light lure in the river or the big lure of the conoshiro pattern. There is a strength that can be used enough for the gill sea bass of salmon. Particularly great is the height of rigidity in this NEW twin power. Because there is almost no blurring of the reel itself, the power is transmitted without waste and accurate reeling can be continued. This time, improvements have been made to small parts, but it is a reel that can clearly feel such a slight difference. MITSUYA HOTTA Kouta Horita Waterproof and secure exchange on the surf. In my case, the main thing is the surf flatfish. I often wear waves, but I was surprised by the high waterproofness of NEW Twin Power. The line roller is especially easy to understand the difference. I kept using it for the maintenance only to wash in a quick after use, but there is no trouble

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