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OSP WEED RIDER 3 / 8oz SJ03 Killer Gold

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OSP WEED RIDER 3 / 8oz SJ03 Killer Gold

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Weight: 3/8 oz The birth of the swim jig "Weed Rider" that brings certain value to the angler. Weed Rider was produced and developed by OSP Pro Staff and Lake Biwa Pro Guide Tetsuhiro Morita. As a result of using many jigs and comparing them, we came to the development from the conclusion that "there is no swim jig that is easy for anyone to use and can be caught in the weed of Lake Biwa that changes every year." The feature is that while there are many jigs that get caught in the weed when they are cast and landed, they keep a slightly curved fall posture and land from the belly. In swimming, the wobble and roll of the head part are suppressed as much as possible, and it is difficult to stack even in weeds with unevenness and height difference. I arrived at a wide head shape and eye position with a flat abdomen so that I could overcome it by reeling without raising the rod even if I entered the convex weed. This head is easy to keep the range at a distance and easy to float at your feet, so it also increases the chance of biting. In addition, the W tying skirt structure enhances winding resistance and action effect. Equipped with a peg hole that allows you to pierce a toothpick to completely prevent the worm from slipping even if you use the voluminous shad tail worm as a trailer and repeat the full cast. Of course, it is a keeper that does not easily shift without using pegs. Also, it is difficult to stack not only on weeds but also on hard bottoms, so it can be used in various fields. Weed rider thoroughly eliminates all stress such as surely reducing weed entanglement, which is the enemy of swim jigs. Increase the chance of bite by reducing unnecessary casts and improving overall performance. It is a swim jig that is fully loaded with the performance that is truly necessary and brings certain value to all anglers from beginners to professionals. * The images of the products shown are representative images. Also, the color may look different from the actual product. Please be forewarned.

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